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Christ Church, CEP Academy, Brockman Road, Folkestone, Kent


2020/2021 School Year

14th Dec 2020
Sealions enjoyed the variety of events during our RE enrichment day. Activities included...
14th Dec 2020
Here are the photos from the Y4 Enquiry.
14th Dec 2020
The children have taken part in various activities to enrich their understanding...
14th Dec 2020
14th Dec 2020
Here's our take on the nativity
11th Dec 2020
During our prosper sessions today we looked at staying safe online. Specifically...
9th Dec 2020
As part of our ongoing Prosper Curriculum we discussed the importance of cleaning...
8th Dec 2020
The final touches to our Viking Longboats.
4th Dec 2020
4ll have planned, designed and built some sea-faring Viking Longboat models!!!
3rd Dec 2020
4LL have been training hard for the Speed Stacks Challenge!