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Christ Church, CEP Academy, Brockman Road, Folkestone, Kent

Who can a Learning Mentor Help?

All sorts of children can benefit from working with a learning mentor.

These include children who:
- Have a record of poor attendance
- Lack enthusiasm to work
- Lack confidence
- Have low self-esteem
- Do not adapt well to change
- Are falling behind with work
- Are not doing as well as they could
- Have difficulty in organising themselves
- Have difficulty in following instructions
- Lack direction and commitment
- Are passive learners
- Have a variety of behaviour difficulties
- Are young carers
- Have suffered death/loss in the family
- Have difficulty in settling in to school
- Have difficulty in making friends
- Have poor social skills
- Have difficulty in controlling their emotions

Learning Mentors work with young people to:

* Listen to their views

* Help them to manage pressures in their  lives

* Encourage them to achieve

* Raise their self-esteem

* Motivate them to be more successful

* Help with understanding the work they have to do in school

* Help identify barriers to learning

* Build a trusting supportive relationship

* Work together on solutions

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Mrs Doughty

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