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Christ Church, CEP Academy, Brockman Road, Folkestone, Kent
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Maths  – An Overview

Our school uses White Rose Maths – a unique maths programme that develops true mathematical understanding right from the start. White Rose Maths recognises the importance of maths in our daily lives and helps our children to use and apply mathematical concepts into life-skills:

  • Learn the skills of numeracy, geometry and measure that can be used in everyday life and developed later for the specific demands of a particular career.
  • Develop problem-solving and reasoning skills that are so vital in day-to-day life.
  • Develop thinking skills – an invaluable skill in every subject area.


White Rose Maths gives our school:

  1. A consistent whole-school approach. A structured and coherent mathematics curriculum for the whole school, helping us to deliver a high-quality mathematics education to every child.
  2. High expectations for all. Underpinned by the ambition for all children to excel and develop a sense of excitement about mathematics.
  3. Fluency with number. Strong emphasis is placed on developing quick and accurate number skills.
  4. Deep understanding. A solid understanding in maths is developed from the earliest stages, starting with the basic arithmetic before moving onto reasoning and problem-solving skills.


Careful sequencing, starting at the beginning

Each year White Rose Maths starts with blocks on Place Value, followed by the essential calculation skills children need to succeed in maths. This firm grounding in number gives children confidence and helps them to access the rest of the maths curriculum.


A mastery approach

Based on extensive research and years of classroom practice, White Rose Maths is written by practising teachers for teachers. It uses a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to support children to understand the maths they are learning and to be able to use it elsewhere.  The “small step” approach means nothing is left to chance – all curriculum objectives are broken down into accessible parts that build on each other so the learning journey is complete. Example questions are provided together with notes and guidance for teaching each step; teachers and children are both supported.


Curriculum coverage

White Rose Maths covers at least the expected content for each year group in the National Curriculum.  It also supports the development of reasoning and problem solving as well as fluency (with example questions again provided for each small step) so that all the aims of the National Curriculum are met.

Our schemes are adaptable

In line with the White Rose Maths mastery approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics, the scheme is split into blocks that allow plenty of time for thorough study of every topic. Teachers use their knowledge of their pupils to make the schemes work for them, adding extra time where necessary for topics that need most attention and adapting other learning accordingly.


Free resources

White Rose Maths offers some free resources on their websites along with parent workbooks (also free) if you would like to further support your child.