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Christ Church, CEP Academy, Brockman Road, Folkestone, Kent


Mrs Offen, Mrs Hutchings, Mrs Lawson and I are really enjoying working with our class this year, having a great time and learning lots.

We  met before the year started to try to describe what it would be like to be the best 4IG we could be, this is what we came up with.

Unique - Respectful - Kind - Resilient

One of us will always be there to talk to at the beginning and end of the day, so please talk to us if something (anything) is concerning you and we will do our best to help out.

In term four, we will be finding out about rainforests - what they are, where they are, what lives there and how it is adapted to its life. We will also look at some of the threats facing this ecosystem. Any background information the children acquire will be helpful, so reading, viewing and internet searches  about the subject would be good.



5th Jul 2021
What an amazing Sports Day it was for Year 4.
21st May 2021
The children in 4CC had great fun creating paper telephones and sound fortune tellers.
17th May 2021
As part of their RE day 4CC made ornaments for the Jesse Tree.
17th Dec 2020
Here are the Viking Longboats designed by 4CC.

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Mrs Bell

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Mrs Carvill

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