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World Faith Day - Judaism

13th Dec 2021

We celebrated our very first world faith day today by looking at Judaism. 

We looked at symbols that are important to Jews and we also learned about their special story of Hanukah.

All year groups used a P4C session to deepen their knowledge further and we discussed what is same/different about the Jewish celebration of Hanukah and the Christian celebration of Christmas. 

Year 1

What is the same?

What is different?

Candles – light

Special food


Special games

King Herod wanted to kill all the baby boys.

The Greek king wanted to kill the Jews.

They read a different book.

Their church is different.

We don’t put the candles in the candle holder.

Grown ups didn’t fight in the Christmas story.

Year 2

What is the same?

What is different?

The stories took place on the same continent.

Both festivals are celebrated in the U.K.

Both stories have light as a feature e.g. the Star of Bethlehem and the light of the Hannukiah.

The star of Bethlehem and the Star of David are important symbols.

Both feature miracles, the miracle in the Jewish story  is that the candle oil burned for 8 days, in the Christmas story the miracle is that Mary is pregnant by the power of the holy spirit.

They both have symbols in them.

They both share gifts, eat special foods and play games.

One story is set in Bethlehem the other is in Jerusalem.

Christmas story does not feature candles/menorah.

They have different symbols to remember the stories.

Christmas story is about the birth of Jesus. Hannukah is about how the temple was saved, the oil burned for 8 days and the Maccabies fought off the Greek soldiers.

The Story of the Macabbies happened nearly 200 BC.

One event is celebrated by Christians and the other is celebrated by Jewish people


Year 4

What is the same?

What is different?

Candles are lit.

Presents are given.


Family time

Both celebrate God.

Both decorate their homes

Light is important to both religions.

Christians celebrate on same day every year (25th Dec). Judaism is anytime between Nov –Dec.

We celebrate for 1 day, they celebrate 8 days.

We celebrate birth of Christ, in Judaism, they celebrate a miracle happened in a temple in Jerusalem many years ago. 

Eat fried donuts to symbolising the oil that was found.

They get presents every day for 8 days.

It is not called Christmas, it is called Hanukah.

Different foods are eaten. They play games like Dre.idel.

Go to church

Have a tree

In Judaism they have a Menorah.

Boys wear a kippur.


Year 5

What is the same?

What is different?

They both light candles.

There is a pattern to lighting the candles.

Both countries were invaded by soldiers and destroy their beliefs and tried to take over.

Both religions had candles that were held on something.

They both believe in God.

They both come from the same God.

They both have stars. The star of David and the star for Jesus.

Celebrate – Both use candles and both religions pray.

They both believe in one God.

Presents are given and celebrate with family and friends.

Prayers turned into songs.

Worship – Speaking to Rabbi’s about Hunukkah, speaking to priests about the birth of Christ. Both are approachable.

Miracles – Mary being pregnant and the lasting oil are both miracles.

The candles were different colours and shape.

They both have different stands for their candles.

The Romans invaded the Christian people and the Greeks invaded the Jewish people.

The holidays are celebrated differently – Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and Hanukkah celebrate the miracle of the oil lasting 8 days.

There is a different amount of candles and a different structure of lighting them and different ceremony.

The lights represent different things. In Judaism the candles represent the 8 days whereas in Christianity the 5 candles represent Hope, Peace, Love and Joy with the white one representing purity.

Jewish people do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah.

Candles were lit at different times.

Different symbols.

Speak the language called Hebrew.