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Christ Church, CEP Academy, Brockman Road, Folkestone, Kent

Story Tent Experience

28th Oct 2021

The infants have been enjoying learning about Judaism in our Story Tent. They met Isaac, who told them some interesting facts about Judaism, he also shared his story about creation  from his special book - The Torah. 

As it was our first time in the story tent, the children focused on Caring Thinking - we had a think about what that might mean.

  • Respectful of different stories
  • Listening and looking 
  • Sitting calmly
  • Putting our hands out to speak

The children were then given time to generate questions they may have about the story of creation or Judaism.

Here are some of the children's questions:

How did God know how to do all of that?

When did He create the world?

Did it really only take Him a day to make each thing?

How did he create the sun, when it is so hot, nobody can get near it?

Why did He create the animals?

Why did God create a light for day and a light for night? 

What happens during the time of Hanukah?

What is the story of Hanukah?

Do you like being Jewish?

Do you have any special times in your religion?