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Christ Church, CEP Academy, Brockman Road, Folkestone, Kent

Poetry Jam 2023

11th Oct 2023
We celebrated National Poetry Day as a school, wil lots of amazing poetry performances from our Key Stage 2 children. The theme this year was Refuge and our winning poem came for Myla in 5A. Well done Myla.

My Room My Safe Space by Myla 5A

In my room I’m free to be a 9-year-old, wild and carefree,

In my room there’s no judgement here I can be silly and stupid without any fear.

My favourite book on my shelf,

Where I can go to a secret world all to myself

It’s a place for all my favourite toys,

Big and small I love them all,

I can even put my favourite doodle upon my wall.

At bedtime when the day is done I get into bed, relaxing my muscles one by one,

Soon I am cosy with a smile on my face,

I go to sleep in my lovely safe space.

Poetry Jam winner 2023