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P4C- Should we ever feel sorry for the bully?

16th Nov 2020

Because it is anti-bullying week we have been given a question to ponder.  3CA and 3LL have been thinking very carefully about this and here are some of our responses. 

Should we ever feel sorry for the bully?

Sometimes because they might just be acting because they got bullied so they feel like they should bully other people.

We have to think about the bully sometimes because they might have been bullied and now they’re bullying someone back.

Yes because maybe they’ve had a bad time.

I know someone was a bully and it’s because his dad was super mean to him.

Yes, sometimes because the parents don’t really treat them that well so they’re not really nice to other children.

I disagree because I don’t really think it’s because of other people, maybe they just did something bad and maybe they can regret it and be good again.

I agree, sometimes people might just do bad things – like the other person said.

I disagree because I know two people who just have something wrong with them so they’re really naughty so they’re not actually horrible, they just can’t control their behaviour.

I disagree because the bully is being mean so we should never feel sorry for them.  But I also agree that if someone has had a bad time they might be a bully.

It would be really hard to feel sorry for someone who was bullying me.  I would feel angry with them.