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Christ Church, CEP Academy, Brockman Road, Folkestone, Kent
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P4C - can we play?

6th Nov 2020

Today there was a situation on the playground with some children playing a game that the others didn't like; it upset some children so much that they felt they needed to ask a supervisor to intervene.  The supervisor came into class and asked if we could have a chat about it.  We talked about the game and who liked it and who didn't like it.  We talked about why they liked it or didn't like it.  We decided that some parts of the game were not appropriate for school but it could be a good game.  Then we asked the question 'Should the game be banned because some children don't like it?'.  After some discussion the children agreed that it wasn't right to play a game if it upset others and they didn't want that to happen.   However, some still wanted to play the game because it didn't upset them.  With some support, a solution was considered; some of the rules could be changed to make the game less upsetting.  It was agreed that the game would continue with some new rules and we would see how it went.  If there were further problems we would discuss it again.