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Christ Church, CEP Academy, Brockman Road, Folkestone, Kent

Homeless Sleepover

19th May 2018

For Topic this term we have been studying 'Homelessness' and we decided to experience how it would feel to be homeless. We did this by having a sleepover at school where the children were only allowed to bring a blanket and a pillow (no electronics, toiletries, clean clothes or food). We held a Philosophy for Children enquiry whereby the children decided to discuss whether it was right to steal for the homeless when other people worked hard for their money. It was a truly in depth discussion and we were amazed with the thought and effort that went into their questions. The children enjoyed star gazing and were convinced they spotted Venus (not too sure about this!). For breakfast the children 'enjoyed' bread and water. It was a great success! Many thanks to Mrs Avery who came along to support Year 5.