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Christ Church, CEP Academy, Brockman Road, Folkestone, Kent

Autumnal Investigations

2nd Oct 2021

Throughout the year, we will be taking a look at the different seasons. 

This autumn we have taken a stroll around the school to look for seasonal signs.  We were interested to see that not all the leaves on the trees turn brown and fall off.  We wondered why that was and talked about some trees being evergreen and others being deciduous. 

We also have an apple tree on the paddock and noticed that the apples were ripe and some had already fallen on the ground.  We talked about some other fruits that ripen in the UK in autumn such as blackberries, plums and pears. 

The children are now learning the names of all the seasons and have noticed that the spelling for autumn is rather tricky.  We are also learning to name the 12 months of the year in order.  Each day we look at the date and notice that the days of the week and the months of the year are spelt with a capital letter - they are proper nouns. 

In a P4C moment we wondered what would happen if there were no seasons.  What if it was summer all year round?  Would we ever have juicy apples to eat?  What if it was winter all the time?  Would we ever be able to grow anything?  What would happen to the bees?  We decided that the seasons were really important and although it sounded quite nice to have a longer summer, it was a good idea to have a good mixture of weather!