Access Keys:

Christ Church, CEP Academy, Brockman Road, Folkestone, Kent

Magic Breakfast


Our children are enjoying the free Magic Breakfast on a daily basis. KS1 children have a 'Bucket of Bagels' delivered to their classroom first thing in the morning.  KS2 children have a 'Bagel Bar' on the Junior playground when they arrive at school with the option of a bowl of hot porridge or a half a bagel before they start school.


There will be a change in Term 6 when a bowl of Cheerio snacks will be added to the choices!


All the food offered for this breakfast is low in fat and sugar, this provision is subsidised by the Government using the money collected via the Sugar Tax.  All provision for breakfast complies with the food standards and inspections are carried out regularly by the National School Breakfast Programme representative.


Breakfast club

Opening Times

Every school day from 08.00am ~ 08.30am
Children must be in Breakfast Club by 08.15am in order to have enough time to eat their breakfast before school begins.


Breakfast Club Menu

 Hot meal £1  Cold meal 80p
Monday ~ Beans on toast
Tuesday ~ Bacon sandwich
Wednesday ~ Eggs
Thursday ~ Spaghetti on toast
Friday ~ Cheese and ham toasted sandwich

Plus a drink of juice, water or milk
and 1 of the following:
Available each day
A choice of 2 of the following:
2 slices of toast
Toast toppings - butter or marmite
Cereals: cornflakes, weetabix, shreddies, hoops, rice crispies
Low fat yoghurts

Plus a drink of juice, water or milk



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